MPI is pleased to have a Business Partnership with the following industry notables...

Alpha Pro Tech
Hospital Apparel

American Safety Razor
Surgical Blades,
Scalpels and Razors

B Braun McGraw
IV Sets and Solutions

Bayer Corporation
Diabetes Testing Products,
Urine Testing Products
Blood Chemistry Testing Products

Children's Medical Venture
Pacifiers and Baby Diapers

Cincinnati Surgical
Surgical Blades,
Needles & Scalpels

Feeding Tubes, Pressure Infusors,
Gastric Lavage Kits and
Blood Pressure Cuffs

Fisher Scientific
Safety Products
Fisher Lab Equipment
General Analytical Reagents

Healthpoint Medical
Wound Management Products

Ostomy Wound Care,
Skin Care and
Incontinence Products

Cubical Curtains,
Shower Curtains and

Patient Transport Products
and Bath Safety Products

Kendall Sherwood Davis & Geck
Urology, Respiratory Therapy,
Blood Collection,
Wound Care, OR & Anestesia,
Vascular Therapy, Incontinent Care,
Nursing & Maternity
Products and Sutures

K&W Inc.
Printing & Prepress
Web Development
Interactive Media

Maxxim Medical
Procedure Trays,
Non-Sterile Kits and
Surgical-Exam Gloves

Adapters, Connectors,
Stopcocks, IV Sets
& Pumps

Smith & Nephew United, Inc.
Wound Management Products

The Wilson Bohannon Company
Padlocks and Keys

Winfield Medical
Biohazard Can Liners,
Sharp Containers and
Linen Hampers

Xerox Corporation
Paper, Specialty Thru-Put Products,
HP or Xerox Printer Cartridges and
Toner - Developer Products

Needle Counters,
Sharp Disposal Systems,
Sponge Counter Bags,
OR Positioning Products and
Orthopedic Positioning Products